Flashback Friday!

The fifth and final day of blog celebration!

So, some photos for you and for me. Photos that I have never yet posted on this blog.

Easter 2014

.DSCN4320 DSCN4329 DSCN4331

 String Project Spring Recital 2014


 And…. drumroll… a big, leap backward:

Spring 2007 in Tennessee… seven…7! years ago… a trip back to PA from NC. This was our first Spring in the mountains and our first trip back to PA. Look at my babies! Look at those mountains!


Just lately- I have been missing those mountains. Missing the mist curling round my ankles and the huge expanse of sky. Missing the clean fragrance of air and the way the breeze felt against my cheek. Missing the overwhelming gorgeousness of autumn… a feast too great to swallow… when I close my eyes, I can still smell and feel North Carolina. And I have a suspicion I am not the only one in this precious family of mine to feel this way…

And yet…how kind…how kind, God is. Just today, I was driving up a highway home…and I was winding up through rolling hills of trees beginning to turn. The sunshine was golden. The only sight to be had was a winding road and trees. And, O, it reminds me of North Carolina. There is so much beauty here. There is gorgeousness everywhere to grasp with both hands and take hold.  Then- this evening, on a short jaunt out with my little ones- I beheld an amazing sunset – with a slip of a moon lighting up the sky and a star twinkling beneath. Huge expanse of sky stretching over beautiful, well cared for farmland. God has been very, very kind to me in Maryland. I am grateful for the beauty. It is an unexpected, much appreciated gift.

And…Before any of my dear ones in real life feels all of reality bubble up in their hearts and minds and worry that I have romanticized our sojourn in the mountains and forgotten much. I have not. I have not. (Even as Todd just reminded me…not missing the longer hours. No. Not missing that at all. Overwhelmingly grateful to be in a different season now.) It is hard for me to articulate the dream and vision in my heart. I have been so surprised by Maryland. It is hard to give words to the grace that we have here. It is like a blend of NC and PA, with its own hyper over-achieverness (that some of us could do without- or at least a little less of… 😉 ) but as we would drive the countryside last year… and the landscape revealed itself to us… and there were expanses of land with pristine fences and well cared for horses. Well, it was everything I thought North Carolina would be. And we are better here. We are much better cared for in so many, heart-felt ways. Thank You, Lord.

But we are still finding our place… we are still finding our place.

All’s grace.

Thank you for celebrating this week with me.