…Sisters…late evening…

and here is where I put any perfection aside

and just put my heart out there–

because I think

these photos still capture the love, and the joy, and the heart

– blurriness and all.

Thankful forever for these sweet girlies… thankful for sisters. thankful for sweet smooth hair, curling in pony tails. thankful for giggles and hugs. thankful for little dears who love the bath (unlike other little dears who still do not have such affection.) thankful for “I play ‘my kitchen.” thankful for the Mama Dog and the baby Puppy.thankful for a cooling fall day and outside for fresh air.thankful for “animals ‘n’ bubbles. thankful for these faces pressed closed together. Abundantly more than I could ask or imagine…. (and there is a story about that…for some day.)

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