Top Ten For Tuesday

My top ten website links for soul nourishing, mind invigorating encouragement and inspiration:

and number eleven- a bonus link for you:

If I was  not such a very busy mama, I would actually have links to specific, excellent articles from each of these blogs and websites. I am regretful that I have not created a little folder with my favorite articles that would make it easy to link them here for you. Be assured that there is much goodness, beauty, and thought-pondering virtue reflected here. Just clicking on some of these links will open to breath- taking beauty. These websites are worth a little time and the easiest way to benefit- is to simply paste them into a feed reader- and voila! They deliver right to you. 🙂 However, you will not experience the perfect ambiance of the web pages if you utilize a feed- reader. Being all about the words, a reader works for me!