The sky stretching out ahead…gold tinged and pink-lit

His heart-light. His soul- encouraged. Light juxtaposed strikingly against dark. One year ago…remembering the dismayalmost exactly to the year-, that!. I think….is it time to raise an Ebenezer? I confess a skeptical soul. But I have learned…and I am learning…my God is greater… (than my skeptical,  trust – hurt soul)

Flickering gold candlelight, my sister, my friend, her sister,  her friend…and O! The laughter.  Side splitting goodness.

A GPS. 😉

Driving home for an overnight only – to mark a grace in a treasured friend’s life….and wishing I had my knitting in tow – making progress! And counting grace that we could do it…(the journey – that is)…and life, routine carries on…

Trying my hand at blogging via my phone….

Watching my “little” brother’s littlest girl play with my littlest girl…and they are only 4 months apart. And that is grace.

My niece…above said brother’s “big” girl – almost 4 arrives at Ama’s and declares: the cousins are here! The cousin truck (our big white van) is here! We pretty much love being known as the cousin truck. (Grin)

Reorient – centering myself again….

Love is a verb. It is.

Her sweet, curly mop

Her sleeping…Instead of puking – thank You, Lord (car sickness..)

A full heart, a full life