It is late… time stretching too close, too close to ten p.m.
and I scramble two little boys into the big jacuzzi tub
in a mad dash to end the evening well.
They ask for the jets. I refuse… then change my mind. How can I refuse?

We fill the tub, patiently waiting for the final jet to submerge.
Over eager, I press the button. Water shoots across the tub, splaying against my six year old’s back
and shooting up against the wall, even spraying the blinds.
Whoa! Shouts and squeals erupt. Quickly, jets are turned off and the water arises a bit more.

It is time. I press the button. The water starts to churn and swirl. I sit back on my heels, elbows on the edge, face cupped in my hands.

Little Boy is gently pummeled by the water. Bigger brother is frothing in bubbles. Like cowboys, they whoop and shout their glee! The water is pushing Little Boy this way and that… he is floating in excitement.

Sitting at the edge of the tub, so full of joy, I am cracked wide open. Totally present in this moment. I laugh and laugh. Laugh joy forever. All the stress falls off and our dancing eyes reflect each other.

My little boy, so awash in jets of water and bubbles, suddenly declares with a joyful shout, “This is the best day of my life!!!!”

My laughter spills out and overflows, rippling like the water. Their delight- infectious. We spend just a few more minutes, boys switching places… I over anxious not to waste energy and time.

They wrap in towels and get ready to step out. Bigger son states quietly, “Thanks for that, for the jets. That was fun.” His whole deep, quiet, heart pressed in those simple words. He, so like me, in heart. His whole understanding of how close we came to missing this memory and the split second decision I chose to make soaks his words… he’s thankful.

The Things They Say.