We have discovered a great resource for piano that I want to share here!

For Christmas, I bought my oldest son this book:


He took it to his teacher and began to learn to play a song. He worked so hard on the complicated rhythm. Such a triumph when it finally transformed under his hands!

After awhile, we noticed that his teacher purchased the same book! She liked it so much, she bought her own copy. I recommended it to my sister and she purchased it for her piano playing son, too. Then, I am pretty sure, their teacher purchased it too! (she can correct me if I am wrong… 😉 )

Our son’s guitar teacher chose his recital piece for guitar out of this book and created a duet for them both. So versatile! The chords are listed for each song.

It says Easy Piano…for context- he is learning in Level 4 – Lesson Book: Piano Adventures (Faber and Faber) which I think is intermediate piano. We have found “Easy Piano” to be misleading with some music books. Sometimes, the music is super easy. Sometimes, it is tough, tough, tough! This book is tough- but so worth it when the song is finally mastered!

One of Micah’s favorite things about piano- has been working on a challenging piece to mastery. So far, he has learned: Holy, Holy, Holy; O, the Wonderful Cross; and 10,000 Reasons.

He is currently working hard on God’s Not Dead- which is found in 2013 Greatest Christian Hits: Easy Piano (Greatest Hits)
– also arranged by Carol Tornquist. I orignally thought this piece was found in the Top 50 book. I edited this post for accuracy and thought I would include this other resource as well. This book is more challenging than the one featured above. This book was a gift for another son… but it has proved too challenging at this point for him. Different songs are featured in this one.

I was(and am) very thankful to have found the Top 50 book for him… and so glad it has been such a great resource, confirmed in multiple ways. Love.

I know he is enjoying having performance options that he truly enjoys. 🙂



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