Our darlings are three today!


I can scarce believe it. Last night, we sat together, on the cushy brown chair. One head on each shoulder. Soft hair fluffing my cheeks. O, I needed that. My arms full of my twins.



So much in my life has changed since they were born… I feel like a different person. I think that is what happens with big and radical, turn your life upside down changes. You have to find yourself again. And I will. I will.


But for now, that sweltering summer when I could hardly walk and I couldn’t eat… and I was bursting at the seams with babies… facing a surgery… that was me. And it is good to remember.


DSCN4770 DSCN4772 DSCN4776

Today- we celebrate! With a Happy Birthday Song, And Banners… with Chocolate Cake and Chicken Nuggets. And I wipe some tears away. Happy Tears and Grateful Tears…and a little bit Regretful Tears.

268639_656713723366_4943430_n[1] 0726012135 (2)


Life is short. Cup the days.

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