We have a freshly minted thirteen year old at our house today! DSC00663 DSC00664

There will be feasting and celebrations and lots and lots of smiles! Happy, happy birthday beloved son! Welcome to the teen years! 

13 Things about Nathanael

1.) He is great company on late night errand runs

2.) He is an excellent big brother

3.) He is learning to play beautiful cello music

4.) He loves all nature and all the details and beauty found in God’s creation

5.) He is very knowledgeable in Stop Motion techniques and movie-making (He is very knowledgeable with technology, in general)

6.) He loves Legos and maintains a careful and detailed collection

7.) He is a Boy Scout working toward Eagle Rank

8.) He has a wry and fun sense of humor

9.) He is trustworthy, keeping other’s concerns close to his heart

10.) He loves deep book talks and is a great person to discuss with

11.) He plays piano and has worked hard to overcome a lot of bad habits and weaknesses

12.) He is a great writer and his writing is full of vivid descriptions that cause me to feel like I am living the story

13.) He is creative, scientific, and fun!

14.) (one to grow!) He loves a good cup of tea and can make a delicious one, too!

Love you so much, Nathanael… may you increase in the knowledge of God and His grace mightily this coming year…

His Birthday Feast for Family Dinner

Roast, Wedged Potatoes, Watermelon, Corn on the Cob, Lemonade and ‘Mist (Soda), Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Icing