There is an ice storm warning in our area for the next hours through evening. It has been frigidly cold. Yet, a delicious smell is wafting all through our house. Hearty Home-made Spaghetti Sauce! I first found this sauce on the Passionate Homemaking blog. Here is a link for her original recipe- although this is not the page I first found it on.

I have tweaked it quite a bit. It is delicious, nutritious, and bountiful. Perfect for our family. 🙂

Today’s batch was lovingly prepared by Todd with a few bits of input from me. Mmmm, I am looking forward to this for dinner! It is a perfect meal for a slow day at home. Time to chop and prep lots of veggies and load the crockpot is needed.

Home-Made Spaghetti Sauce

 1 Onion, chopped

2 Cups Fresh Spinach, chopped

3 Garlic Cloves, pressed

1 Cup of  Baby Carrots, chopped

1 Small Broccoli Crown with stem, chopped

2 Celery Stalks, finely chopped

1-2 Cups Frozen Cauliflower, chopped

3 Cans Petite Diced Tomatoes

1 (2 pound, 2 oz) jar Prego Sauce

1 TB Dried Parsley

1 TB Dried Basil

2 tsp. Italian seasoning

1 tsp. Salt

½ tsp. Pepper

2 TB Sugar or Honey or other Sweetener

Additional water, if needed.

Combine ingredients in large crockpot (family size). Cook on high 4-6 hours, or until vegetables are very soft and tender.

Turn down to low and simmer until needed.

You can also cook this on the stove top or in a roasting crock in the oven.

Notes: If using a slow cooker, thickener might be desired. 2-3 TB Cornstarch dissolved in Cold Water and then blended into crockpot works well. Ours is so thick today, we will not need any! You can also use alternative thickeners if desired such as xanthan gum.

3 pounds cooked and drained ground beef makes this a delicious meat sauce. Today, we have chopped, leftover pork in our sauce. Sausage is also amazing.