This has been the hardest advent season I can remember… and that is saying a lot. It has been hard in a whole new way. I have been monumentally distracted by life and living.

Sitting here, reflecting, and gathering my words for this post… I glanced out the window to the most brilliant sunset I have seen here. It is streaking the sky with colors I cannot even define. Right out my window. I never knew I could see the sunset from this aspect of the house. So, I pause and let the light and the beauty wash over me. Amazing how light, the sky, yea- creation is so… alive. The color moves and deepens, dances. Bigger than me, bigger than a palette, bigger than my words. Deepening purple beauty and pink fire. December.

This year, I  began my 9th year of homeschooling- though really, I have homeschooled from birth as they say… and this year I have purposefully sought out other veteran moms… especially moms of many, seeking to gain endurance for the continuing path ahead. As usual, most of my support comes electronically. I have yet to be in a season where I have women in real life offering light for the path ahead.

There has been some priceless, precious wisdom that I have clutched to my heart… note- the whole expanse of sky is streaking light now…stretching out arms and face and glory. Glory in the hard everyday. Yes. One of those blogs that has helped me much this year is found at Ordo- Amoris– especially her whole series on Morning Time. She did a series called 31 days to Morning Time. So helpful. And also- Amongst Lovely Things– her advent ponderings, her post on Teaching From A State Of Rest... I first encountered that concept in the original post on the Well-Trained Mind by Andrew Kern himself. And I was captured. And I printed his words and they reside in the front of my homeschool binder… and then Amongst Lovely Things highlighted it with a vimeo in such a lovely way…(note: it looks like the vimeo is no longer there…) Yes.

Anyway, for the first time in years, I feel like we got to enjoy more Christmas in the daily everyday. While not perfect. It was good. Right now, the house smells of Pumpkin Pie and I just slid two trays of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies into the oven. My little twos’ are playing, voices happy. A stinkbug crawls nearby (keeping it real, people). There is a happy harmony. The sky colors have climaxed and are now fading into purpling darkness. Slowly.

Here is my little Advent Morning Meeting List- we did these things first and then continued on with our normal school items…as best we could.

Scripture Recitation: Luke 2

Poetry: In The Bleak Mid-Winter Hymns:

Christmas Carols

Art: Continue Giotto

Composer: Handel (focus on Messiah)

Read Aloud: Christmas Favorites (each day a different child picked two favorites)

School List

One final note… for a long time I have wanted to emphasize certain poems, mottos, words, and Scriptures in our family. I have printed them and framed them on wall… I have read them casually aloud… Unexpectedly, this semester, I found…that the best way to make these things part of our hearts- is to include them in our morning meeting time. Daily. Then, they are written on our minds and our hearts and become part of the fabric of our life the way I always, always wanted. And now the sky is black, and the twos’ are quarreling and four different children need my attention. The computer froze multiple times. Yes. But I have finished my post- which is what my heart and mind both wanted and needed.

More again, soon.