I stand at the kitchen sink…waiting for a warming drink to finish in the microwave…

Tall sons are at work in the kitchen.

I glance over.

There is tallest one… slick pulling his t-shirt up over his nose… foot on the trash can pedal.

He states, mumbled in the midst of his shirt, ”This is the one job I think I’d like to build a robot to do.” He is talking to no one in particular.

Companionably chatting with me and another brother.

And there is a grimace and a shudder.

I laugh. Laugh.

I rush away to capture this moment and as I do…

He sings (cheerfully!), in his newly formed, deepened voice-

“O, I hate the trash! O, I hate the trash!”

As he hauls it away down to the garage.


Utter seriousness.

Build a robot. To change and haul trash.

Love it.


The Things They Say