Endless Gifts

1.)Avocado. Green, Creamy Goodness. I think this is quite possibly one of my favorite foods, ever. And the day that will go down in our family book of memories… the day Elenorah discovered herself that avocado is very good indeed. Pushed just close enough to my plate- to reach down and swipe skin and all…while I was on the floor changing twins… and we found her, thick shell in hand, smears of delectable green on her cheeks, on her leg, on her mouth, coloring even a bit of a green tongue- and those of you who know me well, can imagine what I was thinking and how I was acting!! And I was very thankful that Avocado has a very, very thick skin that she was not able to chomp into small, chokeable chunks! And, O, the image of her, with that dark curl of skin round her hand and those smears of green goodness.

2.)Frozen Mixed Berries. Those colors streaking across my plate. And my twinsie girls, sharing. How have I not known of this before? What I have been missing all these years.

3.)Coffee with Cinnamon and Whipped Coconut Crème. Happy, happy to have safe, wholesome whipped crème.

4.)Protein Packed Peanut Butter Cups. We found a keeper and O, they can replace a Reese’s cup any day and they are slimming and nutritious!

5.)The feel of her new edge-d teeth against the pad of my finger. Brand new. She was not a fan of producing them. At. All. And she let us all know it. 😉

6.)This piece of art work and all the ways I have been encouraged round my internet “haunts” these days. This showed up in my feed today.

Cast the burden of the present,

along with the sin of the past

and the fear of the future,

upon the Lord,



His saints.

– Spurgeon

And I stared, and stared at it. Soaked it. Reminded of this one that also captured me, confronted me from my feed at just the right time.  And I just went back to find it. Here. And am astounded to see that it was almost one year ago, exactly.

“God alone can do what seems impossible. This is the promise of his grace: ‘I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten’ (Joel 2:25). God can give back all those years of sorrow, and you will be the better for them. God will grind sunlight out of your black nights. In the oven of affliction, grace will prepare the bread of delight. Someday you will thank God for all your sadness.”

~Charles Spurgeon

It is fitting to say, that both times, I have stared, and stared, and soaked. And then googled trying to find the Spurgeon source of these quotes. I haven’t. The writing juxtaposed on the photos- it means something to me.

7.)Being asked unexpectedly for homeschool advice


9.)The Erg.

10.)Music Lessons here and also with a sweet, sweet Christian who is now a dear friend. God has shown special kindness and providing grace to our children.

11.)Secrets, held quiet and close.

12.)There was a song in the night. A song. Waking me. Stirring. And I cannot find it again. But it was there – a deep, strong caress. Enfolding.

13.)Life and Breath. And I’m thinking its time, time to gather all our Seeds CDs and play them long, play them often. For a long while, I couldn’t listen to some of them. The pain was too fresh. But I broke through and it is like a flood of grace. Yes, it is time.