It is with astonishment that I greet 7 months with our sweet Norah. I am astonished to report that she completely skipped size 6-9 month clothing. They are all too short. She is so long. She weighs 20 pounds, which is a record. She is following in the path of her oldest brother. I pray she will be long and lean like he is!

She has the most adorable way of putting her head down and dancin’ her little feet away when placed in her exersaucer, early in the a.m., with baby signing time helping form language connections in her ever active, growing brain. She gets so excited when she hears the music, she dances wholeheartedly. Precious.

I took pictures of the twins in this exact same dress at nine months old. Everywhere we go, all the health and medical professionals always comment about our amazing twins. They were 7pounds13 ounces and 8pounds2ounces at birth- as big as singleton babies and they have grown perfectly and sweetly. Linking their picture to evidence my beautiful tall baby girl. She is my amazing baby girl! It is hard not to feel like I have missed something! She is so big and so active. In fact, she is the most mobile baby we have ever had at this age, with Micah a close second. She loves to move and needs plenty of space! She is trying to crawl. She is trying to crawl!!!

DSCN2593 DSCN2567 DSCN2562DSCN2594

Those slanty, untidy bookshelves in the background. Yeah. I increased the twins’ play space in the family room side of the house and I have realized messy bookshelves- well, they are a big pet peeve of mine! Time to trouble shoot that issue!

Trying to cup the spinning days. Lord, help me. Happy, happy Seven Months my darling.