Note: Youtube links. Please exercise caution as stated before.

(I choose this video because it is actually Matt Redman singing and I prefer that… but there are certainly better videos where the lyrics do not slant in crazy angles across the screen! And watch out for those ads. Yuck.)

So, this song has been singing in my heart.

Persistently the last few days.

Note:in general, I have never felt a strong connection to this or particularly liked it. Yea- that would be true for a few of the songs I have linked lately. Songs I never would have claimed as personal favorites.

Yet, the phrases just keep singing…

so, I check it out. Well.

Comforting, Fitting, Truth, Encouraging, Timely, Appropriate.

All these songs…

their just singing in a new way for me, somehow.

I don’t want to connect with this song because I don’t want to go through the Valley. I am afraid of the Valley. Afraid.

But, you know, many wise women have taught that the grace for today is always available. Not the grace for tomorrow’s fears or whatever unknown imagining my heart can conjure. But for this. For the reality of the day.

So, in this Valley.

I will fear no evil….

For, I know my God is with…


If My God is With Me…

Whom then shall I Fear, whom then shall I Fear?

Even when I am caught in the middle of the storms of this life, I won’t turn back, I know you are near. -From Matt Redman’s You Never Let Go.

The storms rage and I just want to hunker down in that boat, put my hands over my head and my face in Jesus’ lap until we arrive on the other side.

I’m not going to hunker down though, and I am not going to put my hands over my head. I am going to stand up, stand strong, and face forward.

Because, just when I need it most. He is faithful. He is faithful to remind me… I will fear no evil, for My God is With Me. He is with me. He is with us.

Facing forward,