Endless Gifts (mini version) compiled last weekend

On Teaching From A State of Rest by Andrew Kern Circe Institute

This version of Proverbs 16:9 that I discovered on a blog… but then when I went to verify it… I couldn’t find it! I think it is the Living Bible and Bible Gateway doesn’t offer that one… but it has been my motto and guiding principle these past months… We should make plans—counting on God to direct us. And so I have- and so He is. (and now I just checked again and The Living Bible is back up on Bible Gateway- and it is The Living Bible!)

Family Laughter with funny two year olds, blowing their hair in the air purifier “wind”

Watching them (my twins) play together, laugh, and interact. Mellie says, “Aymee, juice!” And she picks up her juice cup and starts to drink. Aymee says, “Che-ss (yes)” and picks up her juice cup and starts to drink. And then they drink, staring at each other.

Mellie says, “Aymee, Aymee- Come!” 🙂 And so, she does.

Hair cuts for my all boys. Love. And my girl, consoling her crying sister- who is terrified of the “buzzer” in the way only two year olds can be: “Don’t worry Mellie- you’ll never have to have this happen to you. You get to go to the hair dresser with Mommy and Abi.” Said in the sweet, comforting sisterly way.  And how she looks at everyone all askance… who are these shaven people? She is not quite sure.

How she (Elenorah) also known as Norah- Lou, Lucie, Ela, and Norah- lights up at the sight of her big brother. She lights up.

Family Breakfast Feast.

Beginning work on a photo book for a son

Friends who hear your heart and share your burdens

Who encourage you to press on in the Lord and counsel with Scripture and prayer

Kindreds who are there in the deep valleys and help uphold, undergird, strengthen, exhort, encourage

Spirit-Sisters who can see the dark ugly and shine Light

Blogging again

Our beautiful, valued piano and the tuner who confirmed it and the family who made it happen and the Lord who helped me and guided me to find it.

The First Week of our first year of learning at home in Maryland

Homeschool Planet. I am thankful.