When I was a little girl, my Dad always asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For years and years, I always said, “A teacher!” It was my immediate, confident answer. I do remember, as I got older, pausing a bit, thinking it over. Mulling the thought over around in my mind. Yet, still, my answer remained the same.

“A Teacher.”

And so I am… so, I am.

DSCN2177 DSCN2174

Happy New School Year!! 

Monday was our first official day of school 2013/2014. Daddy noticed and commented on all the bare feet. Happy sigh. That’s how we roll. Schooling in bare feet, in the comfort of our home, with the delight of three little babies, and a refining power shaping each of us that comes from rubbing elbows with each other all. day. long. I have made it to today, Friday, with my sanity still intact and my faith strengthened and nourished by The God of Grace.