My thoughtful oldest son… who accurately perceived a true need an acted upon it. What a blessing he is… and then learning that he was merely acting upon Dad’s verbal instruction from a day or so ago. Precious to me.

Cuddled with a newborn, cozy. I swathe us both in blanket and my cheek rests soft on that velvet head.

My arms full of my twins, again. Mellie on the left and Aymee on the right. Like always. Feels so good.

My brown chair. Still sinking deep and still that unforgettable rhythm- my feet pound familiar

Her-all curled up warm bundled on my chest, tucked under my chin.

Their little toddler fingers, pointing and signing and talking , chunky board books opened on floor and lap.

How they “roar” lion in their own inimitable baby way

So tired, I can’t think or see straight. Baby days. Yet, it is nothing compared to the twins. Body hurts and aches in recovery- yet it is nothing compared to twins. Different in the length of my days and weeks though. Different.

Her hair, still all wild and blond and untameable for now.

Missing that Carolina Blue. Blue Sky, Fragrant Air.

A Shutterfly Book Coupon.

Always remembering it is not perfection but progress. Better something done rather than nothing… Better to hit and miss part than not get anything at all.

My big boys and my littlest girl.

The utter preciousness of my life- full and overflowing- and sweetest baby girls.

My big girl who says- 6 kids, 3 babies, and one grown-up— Mommy…when talking about us loading up the van to go somewhere (which we didn’t- I might add).

Maryland snow days and sleds and snowmen.

Finding their snowmen out the window the next morning…big and little and decorated with sticks and pine cones.

Mellie’s dancin’ moves. She even plays air guitar to Raffi. Love.

Aymee’s sweetest little voice and words. And how Uncle Ryan so perfectly interpreted everything she said.

Rise up and man the house. Rise up. Sinking in the pit of despair does nothing for any of us.

Truer words were never said… “If I try to be the primary do-er and do all of the cleaning myself [or cooking or whatever chore needs done] then I have the massive stress of trying to get it all done while simultaneously managing 9 other people’s activities and relationships. I have never personally found this to be successful, and have not heard of it being successful for anyone else I’ve known either. So I manage the team.” Erika- at Large Families On Purpose.   Yes! I must manage the team!!!

Precious blankets made by Dora Whitaker years ago now, for me and my first born son. Such an amazing Christian lady- and they are still cuddling me and a baby after all these years- and I still marvel at them.

The Mighty Index Card. A tool for home management!! And now clipboards, too.

First little neighborhood walk outside- me and the 9. The wind blusters and the sun shines and we stroller babies and stretch legs.

Baby Days Bliss. Everything slows… long ago- a friend shared with me that the whole family just slows down together- to enjoy the newborn days. We slow in different ways- and I try to slow in all the ways we all need… it is still a slowing.

Dreft- washed girlie laundry. Mmmmm. I press my face into that sweet baby smell.

Crunched on the couch- all us girls!!