Blogging has been so very difficult to accomplish these days!! It is something I consider very valuable- so although- my voice has been absent from this space- my heart has not!

This space is valuable to me for many reasons. I often find my center (the inner heart of myself where I am totally at peace and clear of mind) writing here and remember why I choose what I choose, live the way I live, and love who I love.  For me, to write is to truly live (and I know that sounds so cliche- I know!!!)… so I feel truly alive of heart and soul and mind when I am able to find the time here. 

It is a space for chronicling Endless Gifts…helping me cultivate thankfulness.

It is valuable as a chronicle for our family- for our children- recording our story. Their history.

It is an effective avenue of communication for me with people I love very much, including Todd.

It is a recipe keeper. 😉

Although some of my writing here is not stellar- I was always taught to write and write- the gems will be hidden amidst the “other” and I think and hope that is true… there is precious here and even, maybe some quality writing. So, I will keep on, even though I do cringe when I go back and read again some of the poems here.  Ah well, even so, I do think there was value in their creation.

I think this space needs a fresh look- so sometime, sometime in the future- small transformations will be taking place.

Spring is blooming here- in Maryland- and the green is fresh and lovely.  Looking out at the sunshine and quickening of life everywhere brings smiles and joy to our hearts.

A few catch-up posts to follow…