Our First Easter In MD.


Last night we enjoyed watching a streaming Living Cross that one of the local churches put on. We enjoyed it very much and especially appreciated enjoying it from the comfort of our home.

 We spent a day, seeking to relax and rest…at various times- the Easter Storykeepers, Lamplighter audio:Charlies’ Choice, and the epic- Ben Hur were playing in our home.

I told Todd this morning, I felt a certain satisfaction at the outcome of our Love Baskets. I always derive pleasure when I create allergy friendly treats that are totally yum-that anyone would enjoy. Abigaile, Asher, Jonah, Joshua and I made marshmallow chocolate treats. I made peanut butter cups and hard boiled eggs.  Micah and Abigaile made our wonderful empty tomb biscuits. I also had the fun of adding some other special treats to our baskets this year. It was especially fun to make “baby baskets” for the twins this year. They very much enjoyed “eating” their basket this morning.

This year’s Easter Love Baskets:

 Easter Love Baskets

Two of our special holiday traditions this time of year involve Family Life’s Resurrection Eggs and Lenten Lights (Desiring God) Easter devotional. I was very pleased to learn that my daughter was very much internalizing the Easter Story when she showed me her very own home-made book. She created a book telling the Easter Story page by page. So sweet and beautiful. Funny, too.

I am very thankful for Todd- who came home from work each day- to lead the children in these precious devotions. Blessed. I admit to being so tired, I can truly hardly see straight by the time he gets home.