Babies signing right along with Baby Signing Time and now Signing Time. Precious and Priceless.

Little One snuggled up to me with Christmas books.

Special ornaments. For my girlies. My twins.

Third son now in the double digits. Movin’ on up to the “big” dinner plates.

Micah shooting three bulls eyes at Sharp Shooters.

My big girl and Little Boy making paper fans to fan me vehemently cause I am just so warm. 

Our sweet Christmas tree.

Todd’s happiness at coming home to our house all lit up on a Saturday night, loud Christmas music blasting and decorating chaos.  He doesn’t know how many times I blinked back tears without him there. Why is it so hard for me?

Quiet and dark and… Canon in D, then Jesu. I try to still myself- heart, mind, soul.

How he helps them walk to their high chairs in the morning. A comes out take big, leaping, giant steps. M, little princess steps.

How Abi calls Mellie for a hug, and she crawls right to her and presses her cheek against hers. Cheek to cheek. Love.

Just something about seeing them in their Scout uniforms…boys stretching into men.

Little eyes- peering at me over sippy cups, twinkle, drinking hard.

Her little hand, resting on my arm…and then- aye,yi… pat, pat, pat.  Love.

Snapfish. Who knew the joy I would receive from creating a photo book!?!

My brother(C) and an imperfect quote,”Your days make up your years make up your life. Live your days.”

My siblings. I have always treasured the gifts they are to me. They each add their own unique, irreplaceable “something precious” to my life.