Thanksgiving Day : Part 2

Our day is coming to a close.
For the first time in our years in NC, we had company for Thanksgiving. A sweet family with three year old twin boys joined us for the day. This friend has been a blessing to me in my journey as a twin mom. She generously loaned us much twin gear that has been well used and loved. Her boys are adorable. They were 29 week old preemies and are just amazing.

I only got one photo from the whole day. My baby twins, especially, well- mainly Aymee, were not quite themselves. Little Aymee has been fussy a bit for a few days and she really exchanged places with her twin today and became the one shy and upset with unknown people. She warmed up later when it was just Jennifer and I, with Mellie and her- in the play room area. There were a lot of tears and needing Mommy initially- fortunately- we timed the meal and gathering serendipitously. They were napping for the first part of it. This allowed us to get the food all out, enjoy appetizers/snacks and the entire main meal before they were up.

Todd and I were both really happy with the way we had everything laid out and the use we made of our tables. It felt altogether cozy and comfortable. We had our smaller table set with the appetizer/snacks and then later, spread out all the desserts on it. We moved our big brown chairs to face out from the fireplace- tucked as close into corners as possible. We all were able to eat together around our big table which was really nice. I had a happy time with Abi on one side and Joshua on the other.

Asher ate an entire turkey leg. Grin. Gnawed it right down to the bone. I love how my family relishes Thanksgiving. It makes me laugh to think of some of the memories. Asher and the turkey leg, Nate stuffed to the gills- doesn’t even want to look at food until maybe tomorrow- Todd sampling every single thing we had- including one raw cranberry. Ha! Jonah and I happily loved the dessert we made together. It was not a favorite of everyone- but we thought it was yum! Out of all the food that we made- based on our leftovers- I would have to say that our Holiday Cranberry Relish is the most highly loved food item. There is barely any of it left.

I created a centerpiece for our main table by placing polished apples, a pear, and raw cranberries in a glass bowl. We had two white pillar candles on each side. It made me happy with its wholesome beauty. I tried to take a picture- but it was well, well after the second of the feastings and there were crumbs and bits galore.

Somehow, it all came together, clean house, tasty food- happy children. Company served.

We were even able to end with Skype and family. I didn’t realize how important this was to my children until they all started asking about it. Somehow, the day doesn’t feel complete without truly checking in with loved ones far away.

1 Thessalonians 5 :
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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