Thankgiving: Preparation Day 2

Today was clean- the – house day and we did get a lot done. The most surprising and noteworthy item is that Abigaile and Asher made our special Sweet Potato Bake all. by. themselves. I merely greased the baking dishes and poured it into to them. I also skinned the potatoes- but Asher mashed them all. I was busy working on other things and asked them to get started on the recipe. Before I knew it, they were in full swing and managed the whole thing alone.

We also had a fun time gathered together before Family Bible. The children were relaying multiple funny stories of twin memories. Many of them came from yesterday… when they had more time with them. Hmmmm.

Several deep and thoughtful blog posts have ministered to me this November… this start of the Holiday season. Not all are Holiday related- but they are all from November.

I read them very fast, in a blur, and catch bits.
Here are three, no, four- I read and pondered. Some a bit more than others…:
Elizabeth Foss
Sarah Clarkson… just today…thinking hard with this one.
Lanier at Lanier’s books… I had to read it twice, but once I did… I leapt to comfort… there IS a time for every season and purpose under heaven…
Ann Voskamp.

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