Thanksgiving: Preparation Day One

Today was Baking/Cook Day in Preparation for our feast on Thursday.

We are on complete Thanksgiving break for three days- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Usually when we take a break, my children still continue in all independent work including math. However, today, they were assigned only reading during our nap hour. This enabled them all to help freely in the kitchen.

I have quite a few helpers now. This means meals are becoming a bit more elaborate and we all had a nice time working together around our big table today.

From oldest to youngest…
Micah mixed Pumpkin Bar batter. He collected the two 9 by 13 cake pans with lids we use and greased them for this dessert. He mixed the bread dough for rolls to go in the bread machine, mixed Pumpkin Pie mixture, peeled two hard-boiled eggs for Deviled eggs and helped mix the filling. -I peeled the 22 other eggs and completed the egg yolk mashing. 😉 He also made part of our lunch, which was Taco Bake, while I made the second part.

Nathanael washed all the fruit for Cranberry relish and gathered all the ingredients. He then chopped two whole bags of cranberries with Abigaile’s help. He added the other chopped fruits as I prepared them. After all was in the bowl, he added the sugar and mixed the entire creation. We then taste tested to make sure the sugar was at a good level – we used one cup less in the double batch we made. Nathanael also dried and put away a load of hand washed dishes. He also brought up chicken tenders for our dinner and put them to defrost in the microwave all by himself.

Asher washed and peeled (with a vegetable peeler) 6 large apples for Jewish Apple Cake. He and Abigaile made the frosting for the Pumpkin Bars entirely by themselves, working together (under my supervision…) Asher and Abigaile dried and put away a second load of dishes (this is yet to be done… to be done this evening.)

Abigaile helped prepare Cranberry Relish and Pumpkin Bar frosting. She unloaded her half of the dishwasher twice along with drying and putting away preparation dishes.

Jonah helped me to make a Chocolate Chip Pie. He also unloaded his half of the dishwasher twice.

Joshua helped to make the Jewish Apple Cake.

Aymee and Melodee had a rambunctious day under the watchful eye of different siblings. They barely took their naps and were hustled to bed at an early hour to recover.

I formed rolls, let them rise, and baked them. Poured Pumpkin Bar Batter, Pumpkin Pie Batter, Chocolate Chip Pie Batter, and Jewish Apple Cake Batter into various baking dishes. Chilled Cranberry Relish in two separate containers. Boiled, peeled, cut, filled deviled eggs. And will soon be popping Sweet Potatoes in the crock pot to cook on low overnight- to prepare our traditional Sweet Potato Bake tomorrow.

Today was also a very special day as it was the first night our oldest sons will officially be Boy Scouts and went to their troop meeting in uniform (of which I sew-ed!!! the patches). They also went to their first Thanksgiving Scout feast toting favorite offerings. Micah- Deviled Eggs and Nate- Cranberry Relish.

I was feeling quite a bit overwhelmed as I faced this day and all the cooking I needed to complete. Mainly because I want to enjoy these days with my children and I entirely dislike the feelings of tension and strife than can arise with the need of much help and children not on the same page. I am happy to say, after a little bit of a bumpy start-it really went well and I would really like Tuesday of Thanksgiving week to become a baking tradition!

Off to clean the mountain of residue left in the kitchen and finish some final details for this day of cooking.

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