Endless Gifts

I am very behind in posting Offerings of Grace and Thanks.

This is a list I have accumulated over these past many months. There is much unsaid, too.
But it is time to begin again… so I share this and will start anew.

It is amazing how much dear sweet babies inspire a slowing down, wonder, appreciation… cupping the sweet days…

Endless Gifts

The way she gathers her baby dolls into her arms. She is definitely a twin girl. She always cuddles two. (A)

Her sweet, empathetic ways. Patting and stroking lovingly. Tearing up and crying in sympathy when someone else is sad.(A)

How I took their 14 month pictures, and Aymee patted Melodee’s back over and over and hugged her- and then suddenly, Mellie- just reached over hugged Aymee and gave her a big kiss- and I, I camera in hand- missed the lightning fast moment. At least Todd and I experienced it together and it will forever be in our memories- how I missed the sweetest little kiss.

Her little, interested bright eyes and social interaction, waving and calling “bye” every time she leaves a room in someone’s arms, her kisses, sweet little songs she sings nestled under my chin. (M)

Peek-a- boo times two- in sync.

Her serious concentration and focus when signing, singing, moving, standing.(A)

Her delicate, feminine ways, little long fingers exploring. (M)

5 boys – matching hair cuts.

How the aroma of home-made pizza fills our house on Saturday night. It is an incredible smell. And I hope it impresses a lovely, homey memory into their hearts. And I am thankful that it is the work of his efficient hands, and he is faithful.

The work of grace in my heart and life. Molding, yielding, surrendering.

Lego Champion and pizza, veggie tray, kettle-cooked popcorn, and Todd’s mp3 player rolling thru all the years in music. And the songs are sweet with memories.

How he loves Rich Mullin’s “Songs” CD and how we all love. Such great songs. (N)

A good, encouraging meeting at a Boy Scout troop. And I blur thanks and grace.

Strong reminders that life is more than food and it is important to press on with the things that really matter, give it our all, give it our best. Keep trusting and keep persevering after what is that good, perfect, and acceptable will for our family. (Romans 12:2)
Luke 12:23 For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.

Lots of hard lessons learned in the last two weeks and while their sting still burns-I hope and pray we learn and grow from it all. From it ALL. (this was actually a couple months ago now)

Sitting on my rocking chair, in the cool of their room, singing to my babies, one at a time. Rubbing noses and giving kisses.

Driving through the mountains on Sunday mornings.

Gathering for church in a home that is scenic- just like it was transported out of a Beatrix Potter Tale (rabbits and all). Rain or Shine- unchangeably lovely.

Anne of Green Gables on VHS down through the years. A little more than usual these last months…

Surprise Camp-Out.

A phone call to my mom- and it is just comforting to know that your mom will “rise up” on the phone in your defense. Just something about knowing she’s on your side. Priceless.

Combing little girls hair after a bath. Love.

No wind, no snow, no ice.

Big Girl with a little sister on each side. Kneeling together, studying something…

Kisses from my babies… mmmm… mah!

Wild, blond hair and sweet, brown fuzz.

Two crawling, baby girlies with ruffles on their pink bottoms.

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