This week my little girl (8) created a store complete with:

The store is laid out on the train table top.

A door with a lock and a little sign that says open or close.

The store is currently closed. 🙂

Various stock of all kinds of differing prices. All labeled carefully.
A cash box for collecting the monies.
Everything neatly organized. A wall created and chairs for comfort.
And while she runs the store, she is caring for two sets of twins in the background. 😉

Two sets of twins peacefully sleeping in the back of the store.

We created some pieces of paper money that she handed out so family could shop her store.

Several siblings have shopped the store this week. Buying her stock… and then returning it so she can replenish the supply. (Ha! They “eat” the plastic food and then give it back. O.My.)

One son(9) offered sage financial advice and improvements- all of his own accord- demanding a receipt of purchases and suggesting several other ideas.

After one day of earnest shopping, no more shoppers could be enticed. Various bits of stock could be found in unique places- mainly my four year old’s bed which housed a lone plastic hot dog and a little plastic piece of hot pepper.
All the stock was returned.

This afternoon, my little boy (6) was earnestly calculating and cutting bits of paper.

Little Boy -6- busily manufacturing “money”.

Adding in his head and labeling paper bits- $25.

The pile grows…

Upon inquiring, I learned this:

“Abi said she would sell her store for 200.00 dollars! “ Eyes wide, voice hushed. The immensity of this amount of money not lost upon his small soul.
He is busily making piece of money after piece of money.
“I am going to buy her out!” He states.
He is now at $600.00 and “that’s a lot.” He states gravely.

If only it were that easy… to generate money. 😉 This is the thought that runs through my head and also- that my daughter is an astute businesswoman at this young age. Enticing brothers to buy out her store… ( I do think Daddy’s suggestion had something to do with this… although I can’t quite place the how and why.)

As he is busily working on this, two older brothers(11 & 12) are enthralled- their competitive juices are stirred. They attempt to begin crafting money. A small dispute breaks out.

“Nate- what are you doing?” I cry out.

Jonah answers in all emphatic seriousness:

“He’s trying to become a millionaire like me!!!”

The things they say (and do!)