Chicken ‘N’ Dumplings

 2  (Cooked) Chicken Carcasses with some bits of meat

3 large, washed, peeled carrots (organic tastes best)

Shake of onion and garlic powder across the top of the Crockpot

Dash of Salt

Cups and Cups of Water ( I have a large family size crockpot that can fit two chicken roasters to cook at one time, so I need enough water for this big one.)

 Place Carcass and Carrots in Crockpot. Fill with Water and Season.

Cook on High at least 6 hours- more is better.

 Strain broth through a colander and add to largest soup/stock pot. (This should be a pot that can take at least 24(give or take a few) cups of water/liquid).

Discard remnants, unless they are not “too cooked down” and you still find them tasty.

 Add Chicken to broth. You can use leftover chicken from the roasted chickens or…

Defrost a smallish pack of boneless chicken breasts. Chop up and add to the broth.

Add water to almost fill the pot and bring to a boil.

 While broth is heating up and coming to a boil, roll out dumpling dough into a rectangle on a floured cutting board, and cut into thin strips. Place strips on plate to wait until the time of immersion in boiling broth.

I roll out rectangles multiple times until all dough is rolled and cut.

 When the broth and chicken has reached a rolling boil, add two bags of frozen mixed vegetables. Bring to a boil.

When the broth has again reached a rolling boil, add dumpling strips.

Cook for 15 minutes.

With water boiling, crack at least 8 eggs (one at a time) into the soup and cook for 5 -10 minutes- until eggs are thoroughly cooked and incorporated into soup in small, delicious chunks of cooked bits of eggs.  After cracking eggs, immediately stir rapidly unless you desire whole cooked eggs and especially golden, round balls of yolk.

 After eggs have been added and you have stirred thoroughly, sprinkle soup with a bit of salt and a nice dose of black pepper.

 Serve with home-made bread and  Saltine crackers; salad or steamed vegetables such as broccoli on the side.

 This is our favorite Chicken ‘N’ Dumplin’ Recipe- not one person ate only one serving and THAT is saying a lot.

 Home-Made Dumpling Recipe

 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

2 Cups Bread Flour

3 TB Fleischmann’s Margarine

3 Eggs

6 TB water

 Add more water or more flour as needed for a nice dough consistency. It should not be overly sticky. It should roll out nicely on a floured board- but stick to a board that is not floured.

Yum! And O. My. so very, very filling.