188-So pretty- 3/30- wind chimes twirling, singing…

189-Wild, white dogwoods in full bloom.

190-Littlest Boy playing quietly in dappled morning light

191-Bright Mountain Sun shining gold on face, shining thru unfurling green, wee new leaves. Spring green.

192-The sweet comfort from a dear friend

193-Thankful for how much I really, really enjoy homeschooling my children

194-A bouquet of tulips, tulips from my love. Pink and bright, strong and tall.

195-Air-conditioning, cools the house AND keeps out the allergens

196-Our lemon of a heat pump. Yes, I am seeking to thank the Lord for it…

197-quiet time out on our deck

198-Ann Katherine and her encouragement

199- Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, He is the Rock Eternal. Isaiah 26:4

200-Spring Breeze sweet

201-sweet talking girlies, and how she pulls my face, right- eye-to-eye with her when I am distracted, with her little hands cupped on my cheeks, and how she, she lays her head on my shoulder and we rock…

202- Dr. Doug- the children’s dentist

203-tylenol easing the misery of a headache

204-a mountain drive and the spring color- just popping- glory beautiful and everything fresh and fragrant and how there are these trees that just flame to life in multiple colors- reminding me of certain tress that flame their autumn dying all hues together- and I marvel at the beauty.

205- a gathering with friends, and our swingset all finished- back up again…

206- Asher doing the “chipmunk” through the house…

207-The book: A Mother’s Heart. Amazing, practical, encouraging, inspiring read

208-the hard wrenching realization of how I am NOT in control…

209- them two, in their l’il hats

210- three blowing dandelion fluffs in the afternoon sun and spring green, tiptoeing and blowing over the side of the deck.

211- Todd working from home when sickness struck

212-Easter love Baskets and purple tulips

213-ladies’ bible study group and “secret” facebook page

214-Little Boy who “makes plans” to spend his afternoon with me

215- Melodee waving all her appendages in joy at my returning…

216-233 recorded in my handwritten journal…


Of course it is not Monday- but I make all things my own… and the important, soul transforming part- is in the counting…