Sweet Sunday- Southern

Boston Butt Pork Roast with my secret recipe glaze ( although this has an Northeastern name, I never experienced this until living in the South)
Home-Made Mashed Potatoes (organic and no skins, too)
Warm Macintosh Cinnamon Apples (went searching for these a bit ago to go alongside Chicken Pot Pie- and found the recipe credited Southern Living 😉 )
Steamed Green Beans
Tossed Salad (one head Romaine, one head Iceberg, three Cukes, one Green Pepper, one Red Pepper, one head of Broccoli- salad for tomorrow, too)

Sometimes what I initially dread can become the most soul satisfying work. I pulled bags of produce from the shelf, the fridge. I laid them out in a large group on my table. Ready for my prep.
I marveled at the colors in my hand as I washed the salad ingredients. Silver bowl filled with deepest greens and red. It felt like art. It was art. Kitchen art. Creating in the kitchen…
The drudgery was all in my head. Once I began and just gave myself to my task- the colors popped and nothing can replace the great feeling of cooking wholesome, from scratch food for my family.

I find myself listening. I am listening a lot these days. Listening to tales of heroes, and warriors, deep, enlightening truths, and complicated story-lines. I am listening and seeking to encourage and facilitate minds engaging with the written word, all across our family. At all times, but almost, especially, it seems, while cooking.