Food For Thought

I have begun keeping a personal CommonPlace book. This is space where I compile worthy thoughts, quotes I want to remember, precious excerpts of literature or commentary, etc. My space is just a Word document where I can easily copy and paste. I love having a “common place” where I can go for refreshment, encouragement, and inspiration. I think I might like to share them on here from time to time and I will post them under the tag Food for Thought. Here is today’s entry:

We don’t need to try to convince the secular world that having a large family is easy, because it’s not true, but a better argument is that easy isn’t the goal. We need to work hard to convince young women and men of the next generation that life is worth the struggle. A life that is hard doesn’t have to be miserable. It is the struggle to do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it, cheerfully and with a generous spirit. This struggle is present for all Christians, regardless of family size or vocation, and it is in this struggle that we are sanctified.(MaryAlice at Building Cathedrals blog- entire post found here)

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