Endless Gifts 2012 Week 2

22.)The way the light catches in her barely there hair
23.)The way her voice gentle forms soft vowels and rolls a melody all her own and how I lay in bed and listen long to that sweetness in the secret, in the dark and how the coos now start to sound in all her play. I love.
24.)A hint of wonder coming back into our school days…
25.)His chosen verse for our year on our wall (Philippians 3:12-14)… to forget, forget the things that are behind and PRESS in to what lies forward- indeed to strain- put all the force of thought and energy- FORWARD. I love a verse for a year.
26.)The way the rain waters the earth in January. Waters the earth and the rich colors pop… rich red earth and hints of green still tucked in pockets here and there
27.)The rainbow that called us all, all out on the deck. Me with camera vainly trying to capture the illusive waver of light and color and the rain drops and the sunlight and we marvel at how the purple shines. The mountain mist swathes white like a chiffon scarf. It weaves the way only that mountain misty cloud can. “Up in the mountains, people give special names to clouds. One is called the “banner cloud.” Another is called the “boa cloud.” From Tomie DePaola’s The Cloud Book. And the banner cloud looks like a pennant waving out from the peak and the boa looks like a scarf laced round her neck. Those “boa clouds” swirl round our every day.
28.) A Hot shower…having the twins has made me appreciate a shower in a whole new way. The warmth, the rushing water, the …”being entirely alone”…
29.)she bounces with her arms (A)
30.)she bounces with her legs (M)
31.)He spies a thrush camoflauged in leaves. How? He walks by and she rises up. Brown on brown. We laugh.
32.) We stare up together at the dark, dark night. The stars shine bright but far. White clouds cover chunks of black sky. And he says, “I’ve never seen stars like this before…” and he answers, “You’ve seen stars before.” And I say, “We’ve never had this night before.” We glance quickly, together.
33.)a flock of grey/brown doves
34.)how they can all basically load themselves into the van…all by themselves.
35.)a little pointy tongue, peeking (A)
36.)how he goes out into the bright January sunshine with such a leap in his run… and he bounds in lengthening three year legs up the drive… up the drive to five year old brother- who draws him close with his arm. Two brothers together in bright January sun. And the child-like joy of being in the sun, in the freshness. To run.
37.)new blogs in my feed for a New Year and it is all good.
38.) how they play “The Lion and the gazelles” and There is a Big Lion and two little lions. All the rest are gazelles. He carefully helps the littlest lion make his way down the mountain slope.
39.)a phone call with a bestest friend and I laugh and laugh. I laugh at all the ways I hear the “northeast” twang in her tones and I laugh at all the pictures her words form in my mind. And I really felt almost like I was there with her- with her sage wisdom and practical ways. I can’t wait til we are together again round her table.
40.)savoring Scripture. Savoring… 4 Gladden the soul of your servant,
for to you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. Psalm 86:4
41.)YMCHE meeting… being refreshed and renewed and how the talk turned to Endless Gifts- and we were even given a sweet gift pamphlet.
42.)How they bicker and they fight and it steals the joy and I think- how can I turn the Light On in this darkness because that is what it is all about… Turning On The Light.

holy experience

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