Two Habits for 2012

Two Habits for 2012-

Continue to count Endless Gifts… take the Joy Dare (my own modified Joy Dare because I just can’t be confined to hunting for someone else’s specific assignments)

Practice the Presence of God (as found here)…

hoping this will become very part of me like Endless Gifts has become a very part of me, shaping my heart. (because even I have fifteen minutes tucked somewhere every day- well- almost every day)… the key is the same key I established in Endless gifts- throw off the legalism and the expectation- just make it a habit as best I can and just keep on keeping on. Really. One day- those tucked fifteen minutes don’t line up all together. Begin anew the next. That’s it.

The Year Stretches Out
All Fresh and New
With it
My good intentions
Line up
In rows-
Untidily wobbling
Who will

There are more intentions- but the above two are the uttermost. The preeminence. In first place. If the rest topple, well, two layers will have been laid down deep, knit in…

First Endless Gifts of 2012

1.)Her blue eyes locked with mine (A)
2.)The way her lips tremble wide when she grins (A)
3.)Straight dark brown hair furling girlishly around her ears (M)
4.)The way she pats my arm, so gentle (A)
5.)How she comes out eagerly watching and scanning the room, Who’s there? What have I missed? (M)
6.)She lights up for her brothers. (M)
7.)How she so deftly holds baby sisters and dimples into their faces.
8.)Little thumb tucked into mouth, little hand grasping pink fleecy blanket. Tucked right up against her thumb, and her blondie hair all a-tussle, wisp-like (A)
9.)the words of Elizabeth Prentiss lived out in my every- day reality found here
10.)Bible Study ladies and a study about to begin
11.)home-made spaghetti meat sauce with fresh, crushed garlic
12.)avocado into guacamole (and fresh, crushed garlic)
13.)My own little girls and how girlishly delicious they are
14.)how he hangs sad over the sink, one little leg up, all because he doesn’t want to miss me
15.) how we play the itsy bitsy spider with our fingers and sing “Over in the Meadow” together
16.)I find him with his glasses off, gently placed to the side, kneeling in the midst of his Lincoln logs- glasses off so “my eyes can dry” – he had been crying over a brotherly conflict…
17.)how he finds Ballet Shoes streaming and delights me, so unexpectedly, I act like a school girl and blurt, “Cool!” We laugh. Did I really just say that? I did, indeed.
18.)a black felt pen that skims across journal pages
19.)winter sunlight slanting across stretching, empty tree branches; the light shines
20.)Bright and Golden January days
21.)How he makes me coffee every day. I miss him, so.(Thank you, sweet.)

4 thoughts on “Two Habits for 2012

  1. You have such a way with words. Just beautiful. Yes, we are so blessed. Every little thing, every little day. God is so good and faithful to us.

  2. LOVED the E. Prentiss quote – oh, how her books SPEAK!!
    Feel “enlightened” (and lightened rather than burdened 😉 ) by the quiet time link – thanks for linking! And, of course, thanks for writing!!!

  3. It is always such a blessing to “hear your voice” here, dear friend. Thank you!! 🙂 The quiet time article has been really wonderful. I printed it out and stuck it in my bible/journal for quick reference.

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