New Year’s Eve at Our House

New Year’s Eve is just fun here.

Todd and I used to host a New Year’s Party every year when we were first married. We would plan all kinds of different, fun food and just open our home for hanging out. We were just reminiscing about one crazy New Year we stayed up all night- O, I was feeling it so bad the next day. Our Asher was just a wee baby- 6 weeks or so old. What was I thinking???? I was visiting with a dear, dear friend before they had children. We just, literally, talked the night away. Loved the talking- not so much the exhaustion!!

Our children are growing up- as some have so aptly said after seeing our family photos this year… and last year- we began “our party” again- but this time- within our own sweet family. Out came the party food, the hanging out, the conversation, some games, and a good movie or two.

Today was hard. It always is. This is the hardest week of the year for Todd’s job and by New Year’s Eve- I am just feeling it in every fiber of my body- and I always feel like I want to cancel it and just pretend it is a regular night. I waved the white flag and pared down our menu. I was just in “basic mode.” Discussed with the kids the bare minimum and was good to go- sort of. I brewed a second pot of coffee and was ready to drink up and begin. Then the arrival of the man of the house- who was having none of it. A party- and a full party- no back outs- we would have!

I drank my coffee and we began.

The food began to line up on the counters and around the tables.
And, O, the smells… the delicious smells… wafting through our house right now.

And I realized some things. I am going to share them here for posterity.
Nothing so happy as seeing that fully, overflowingly loaded veggie tray brightening our table
A pot of coffee really helps
Everything is better when you are not alone (aka husband here)
Excitement as trays of deliciousness line up on every spare space.
Like I said, it is just fun here and everyone is feeling it.

Drum Roll-
We have:
Loaded Veggie Tray with Dip
Bean Dip
Potato Chips
“Pigs in a blanket”
Chicken Fries
Regular Fries with “special sauce” on the side
Sweet Potato Fries
Chicken Nuggets
Kettle-Cooked Popcorn
Hot Wings
We were also going to have home-made guacamole but- the avocados are not ripe…
I won’t tell you what I tried to cut out in simplifiying. 😉 Todd went to work.

I will take a picture of all who are awake at the stroke of midnight like I did last year.

Happy New Year!!!!