The Things They Say
From December 23rd…

This was reiterated to me from various family members- as I was not there to hear it myself.

Todd has been reading Jotham’s Journey nightly to the kids this year.

They are near, very near the end of this Advent reading.

“Maybe you’re excited too at how close it is to Christmas. It’s been a very long wait. What do you think Jotham has learned from his journey? What have you discovered in the last few weeks?” –From Jotham’s Journey

Silence as Daddy closes the book.

Then suddenly, Abi blurts:

“It’s so close to Christmas- I could POP!”

Everyone, even my dimpled seven year old who spills words of excitement, laughs.

Laughs ring round and hold everyone close.
I laugh too. We shake heads and grin.

The Things They Say