I watch my girl sway and dance, twirl and spin. Little sister, in exersaucer, chin tilted up. She follows her every move, head swaying from side to side, blue eyes lighting up. Big girl locking eyes with little girl. A dance just for her.
I mist thankfulness.
I soak the moment and the grin almost splits my face in two.

VPN. A huge sense of pressure has lifted.

A Christmas Gathering and the friends who were brave enough to join us.

Ornament making.

My Hard Drive. And that thing was way simpler to use than I thought. I was so intimidated by that huge box for no reason. At. All. I girded myself up to figure out a big techie manual. I was wrong. Shew! Plug in, set up, run. Backed up to infinity and beyond. We’ve got Terrabytes ladies and gentlemen. Terrabytes. Good thing, too, with all the budding writers around here and multiple family members’ photos and videos.

5 month old baby girl twins. It is getting a bit easier. And oh- how adorably, deliciously sweet they are… and I feel better, too. All healed up. It took a long time.

How there is always enough baby to go around for everyone. 

The new set-up in the computer cabinet in the homeschool room. Set-up just for them. Grandad’s care in every detail. It is all working out so well…