A Few Of My Favorite Things(in no particular order)

1.)Recipe blogs like this one, and this, and this.

2.)Chocolate Chips– and o! they sell chocolate CHUNKS, too!

3.)Christmas Ornament Making

4.)BBC’s Emma

5.)North Carolina sunshine and my boy who wears fleece and shorts in December- it is in the high 50’s to low 60’s after all, who loves our mountain wildness and enjoys living here to the hilt. And I don’t have a picture- but there he is, in my mind’s eye, playing out on our “desert”. Running and strolling and waving a stick- back and forth. Back and forth.

6.)Company especially overnight, out-of-town guests and (extra bonus) if there is plenty of good food, mountain experiences, and lots and lots of conversation

7.)Babies-especially if they are mine, freshly bathed and well-rested.

8.)Matching Christmas dresses for my girls

9.)My big kitchen. Love it. Especially love it when I am cooking in sync with my boys. Plenty of room for us all- working around our large table ( a very special grace gift!!)

10.)Todd and VPN. How it helps!!!