Endless Gifts…
Sometimes… you just have to. Stop. Stop. Stop. Right where you are. Exactly where…
Stop time.
Stop the tumult.
Stop the endless next thing that must be done.
No one is wailing.
Lunch is waiting…

Urgent needs prevailing.

Just. Stop.

Close eyes.

Perfect Snowflake shines bright on black fleece. He shines wonder and comes to show me. (Micah)
First Snow and His birthday. A birthday “mini” feast and his sweet face, soft eyes. His happy picture by the Christmas tree and someone points out how lucky he is- the only one with a birthday picture by the Christmas tree.(Asher)
She lays again- so soft, in my arms. Locking eyes with me. Bright blue eyes shine up at me. How relaxed, her whole form cradled in my arms. I, so happy, she changes so so fast. I thought she changed out of that sweet trusting hold. (Aymee)
Her head like living velvet against my cheek, my palm. So newborn, new living Soft. And now, now already- that velvet is changing… but for those months- we all marveled. How velvet soft… I still cup that softness. Cup it rememberingly. Cup it… holding on. Holding on to these days…(Melodee)
He, all eager and ready, comes to the table to chop cranberries and scoop handfuls into the big bowl. He remembers our togetherness last year making this dish. And so- we do again. (Nate and a favorite Holiday Cranberry Relish).
We drive down our mountain road. Hot chocolate cups in hand. Little One- my three. How full of all new wonder… He cries, “Look Abi, it’s Chwismas! It’s Chwismas!” as he sees the holiday lights light up our dark. This sweetness and innocent wonder redeeming the all out- screaming fit he threw when he saw all the Christmas decoration boxes piled up- thought they were gifts, and wanted to open them right. Now. No, he was told. Illogical, irrational, EXHAUSTED three year old… it hurts my heart- and that is not an endless gift… but it is a memory of these days. (Joshua)
He lays as close to the Christmas tree as he can possibly get, turns his face up, and soaks the light. Right up close as close as he can be…(Jonah)
She runs back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, setting all the decorations singing… winding, singing… she runs. Somehow this cacophony- sings…(Abi)
A hot bowl of turkey soup and a crusty fresh loaf steaming from the bread machine. Home-made soup. It is a wonder. Frugal, nutritious, soul warming, and belly filling. And plentiful… plentiful. We are all about plentiful these days- and I imagine we will be for quite a few years to come.
Sons who can make muffins and home-made bread machine bread, mix pancake batter, and lay out bacon. Sons who can load the dishwasher and hold babies and fold laundry (their own). Who can sweep floors and shake out carpets… thanking for this although it is far from a perfect offering.
Our house all decorated, and somehow- it really feels like home. Our home.
Healthy Sleep-Habits, Happy Child…now Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. First one a life-saver once before… and now again. Rescuiing me from total sleep deprived merry-go-round, to sweet little babies in bed at 7. O how peaceful and easy is a well-rested baby and what a precious, sweet delight.

Endless Gifts that just… meld… one week into the next.
The sleepy tired recovery after a weekend visiting with dear ones…
…the generous love of my parents. We are truly so blessed and I know it…
She blinks, eyelashes a shy flutter… and curls so gentle in my arms…
I reach down deep, sigh hard, to gain the wherewithal to just keep going these long, long days
Hot cocoa and fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies for my loved ones after Winter Wonderland
Coffee AND my mug all ready for me one misty mountain morning
A generous photographer capturing precious moments
Early Christmas from my parents- so much goodness, it overflows
Oak tree that fell and demolished our swingset- but spared our house and our children and provided us firewood at no cost
A perfect Christmas gift for my oldest little girl from a dearly loved friend- serendipitous.

…counting grace gifts through days racing by…