Sweet Sunday
Really it was Sweet Weekend…
as we burnt the midnight oil preparing for special guests… preparing a place to receive them with joy and goodness. And it was.
We feasted and laughed and explored. Made memories.
There was coffee and cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread
And pumpkin cake
Blueberry cake
And “moon” eggs
Bacon and
Crispy crowns
Homemade pizza and
And wings.
There was salad
And Spanish rice
And beef enchiladas
Chicken ones, too.

There were wild flowers in quiet places

There was a crazy corn maze and a tractor hay ride.
And I was astonished at the way little boy clung to me hard.
Clung hard to my hand in the maze and on the ride.
And chirped so excited at the sight of the tractor.
Precious boy.

There were waterfalls and carsickness (so sorry!)
And “are we done with the twisty road yet, Mommy?”
We shared so much of our favorites.

Surprised by the grace of the days.

We said goodbye, in the dark, huddled together
On the front porch, shouting and waving as they crunched up our road.

We were all there, all ten, together. Sending our love on its way.