Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God: But only he who sees, takes off his shoes; … Elizabeth Barrett Browning from Aurora Leigh

But only he who sees… this ground is holy. Take off your shoes. You are in the very presence of God.

A way of seeing
Inner heart eyes
Blink open
Perhaps the fragile veil flutters a bit

For only he
Who sees.

I saw a tree yesterday
Every branch flamed out in color.
Like a fan
Gold, Crimson, Leaf Green, Rust
Every… every branch
Stretched tall
So perfect in
Its beauty
Its form.
How can something so perfectly
Just be there-
A free
It was
My breath
a bit
at the sight
sucked deep
expand ribs.
Feast eyes.
Soak the
Fleeting beauty.

This is the most beautiful autumn I have experienced here in the mountains. Such an amazing year of weather we have had- with a severe winter and a wet spring/summer… tornados and all… then thirty degree night-time weather just on the cusp of October…it all seems to have worked together to produce the most generous display of color I have ever seen. There is so much red and orange just popping out everywhere in the midst of the yellows and gold. The fire reds… they flame. I desperately long to be a better photographer with a better camera and lenses… to try to capture what I really see with my inner eye. I know true, gifted photographers capture with even their cell phone cameras- so it must just be a lack in me… but I long anyway… We probably have three weeks or so left of this beauty. I am thinking of what I can do to maximize it for our family… Every common bush does truly seem afire with God. Right now.
It is amazing. I wish I knew where I could take the children and plop down babies in car seats and my tired self on a blanket and let them just enjoy and run safely. A picnic would be so fun…