Endless Gifts

Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God: But only he who sees, takes off his shoes; … Elizabeth Barrett Browning from Aurora Leigh

Autumn flaming colors everywhere

Breeze blowing through the window over my sink clear across my house and out the deck door, and the breeze wraps round me, blows paper plates across the table, and lifts the hair off my cheek, gusty autumn wind. Sweet freshness.
A red rose and purple wild flowers in a tall vase.
Little girl baby who looks right in my eye and grins and “talks.” And her sister who twinkles and shy smiles, sweet.
The excited wonder of my three year old. And his tight grip on my arm and hand.
A guest bed made up with soft sheets and a pretty comforter and the air mattress works- so I think we truly have a good arrangement now!
Sarah and grabbed minutes of sweet fellowship.
My brother and his wife and their generous willingness to go with our flow.

Uncle Ryan with Aymee and Aunt Nikki with Melodee 🙂

An unexpected card in the mail. Dear friend Jen… truly a sister to me.
The amazing joy of feasting with our family and sharing our favorites
Making corn maze memories and waterfall memories and late night talk memories.

At Dry Falls 🙂

An after church talk with my brother… and his willing feedback, his generous heart.

Being in a broken place and trusting Him. Trusting… and trying to see…