Abigaile(7) and Jonah(5) given the task of unloading the dishwasher…
Suddenly the sink water is running and they are on chairs at the sink…

Mom- Abigaile and Jonah: What are you doing?
Abigaile- I am washing a dish that was dirty.
Jonah- And I am helping her. You know, we make a great team!”

Washing dishes in the sink…
Mom says: Abigaile- I think I am going to teach you to really wash the dishes.

Water runs. Fingers swish. Dishwater is moving copiously around.

Abigaile: My fingers are built for speed.
Jonah (again) You know, we make a great team!

(Mom- barely holding in guffaws of laughter and really, truly thinking it is time to teach the great team how to truly wash the dishes. )