Endless Gifts

Multitude Monday

Glorious North Carolina… the sunshine, the color, the weather, fall… how I love…
Trusting weight of babies laying heart to heart, softest heads under my chin, my cheeks sandwiched by babies on each side, velvet softness only tiny babies have…
These babies are a warm, full coziness of love
Invigorating autumn air- inspiring deep, sucking breaths of mountain air
Cupped mug of hot beverage, thin wisps of steam twist
Small children clad in warm, fall jackets
Small son who delights to cut two pink roses for me…
Roses in the fall- love.
Tall son who calls me out to herald the gold glints lighting trees
Repentant son who blesses with two extra chores and a sweet note
Darling girl- truly entering girlhood and leaving young, young childhood behind. Draws most precious, happy picture of me and her complete with our long hair and smiles and writes, I love you, Mommy. Grins deep dimples. Love.
8 (eight) treasured, unique individuals to nurture with this ministry of motherhood, to invest and build in…fully embracing my role as gardener, artist, architect, crafter, creator of biblical family life
An afternoon of spiritual peace, clean swept floor, quiet kitchen- heartfelt thanks to the friend who blessed.
A blue-eyed dazzling blond thumb sucker and a grey-eyed rosy finger sucker(like her big sister and it is so adorable)
Baby girl talk, smiles, breathy coos, excited squeaks, happy talk, little eyes shine. Fun, fun, fun.
The County Fair and all their bright, happy chatter
Visual Feast of these mountains
Thoughts turn to homeschooling and bookish delights
Days shift back into somewhat familiar rhythm- thankful, thankful, thankful
Strength coming back, albeit slowly
Misty, moist, early morning rising- fresh pungent rain scent, bright green-ness how it shines, chitter of creature-life and bird song, cloud-fog cloaking, rising,
A bouquet of bubbles blown happily from little rosy lips- just for me.
A free Sally Clarkson talk and I try to grasp every vital thing she said and remember, remember and apply it real

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