The Things They Say
Tall Son cuddles babies so well.
He walks around the house with a little one high up over the shoulder.
I stare.
That is my baby- so tall… holding my little baby.
It feels so- impossible.
I do not feel the span of time so long that stretches before me in the ever lengthening form of my first born son-
And yet-
There he stands. Undeniable.
And somehow-
He has developed his own perfect knack with baby sisters.
The perfect position. They stretch out across his leg. Eyes locked with eyes.
Never fails. They fall asleep. So comfortable.
And he says,
“They know I’m their big brother. They feel safe with me that is why they fall asleep. Right? Do you think Mom?”
He grins. He is holding little Aymee in his lap. Bright blue eyes twinkle. “I can hear her little snores.”

Adorable ones. I love.

The Things They Say: “little snores…”