Amy and little Aymee 🙂

~Amy meets Aymee~
Recently my sister got to meet her little namesake.

Amy Colleen Foley Walker
met and bonded with
Aymee Christiana-Faith Borger

(notice the A.C.F. initials… 😉 )

Our precious baby twins are a special answer to prayer. God double blessed us with these little girls. Forever, I have had a desire in my heart for a little sister for my Abigaile- and we were going to call her “Amy” after my own treasured sister. We(Amy and I) call ourselves sisters in flesh and in spirit and this is my hope for our own girls. I hold our precious Aymee and stare at God’s direct and amazing answer to prayer. I hold her sweet twin sister and thank the Lord for His gifts. Sisters are very, very special. This I know from my own personal and life experience. I am ever so grateful for the gift of sisters in our family. Aymee is a tenderheart baby and Melodee is a sweet angel. Abigaile is thrilled to have these sweet girls in our family.

I am so blessed that my sister got to hold and bond with her little nieces- particularly Aymee. She had a special touch with her, too, as Aymee is our fussy, gassy baby right now.