I haven’t captured very many funny comments in the past months. It all feels somewhat blurry.
There have been a few though- to remember- for posterity and memories…
interestingly- they have all been in the last few weeks.

Upon sending a third trimester picture to my sister- she wondered what the kids had to say about the big belly… they hadn’t really said much at that point. However- shortly thereafter- the big ball of a belly did indeed start to elicit remarks- especially from the three year old. 😉

The Things They Say… at 3…

“oh… you have a big, big belly Mommy, big, big belly” and this is punctuated by a Joshua edition of a squeeze, nuzzle, and kiss. This goes on for several weeks… then- the other day, I walk by. He is sitting in his chair at the table and this is what he says, “You’re huge Mommy. You’re huge.” I stop. I look at him. I try to get him to pinpoint if this is a belly only remark- or more generalized. Of course- I have no luck in that endeavor. Well, thanks little dear. I know you tell it how it is.

The Things They Say…at 5…
Children gather round and finally are able to feel babies rolling. It always seems like they wouldn’t move when we would try to capture the moves with the children. Then, a little while later, the five year old lays over my belly in a gentle, big hug. He moves to the other side. He says, “How do I know which one I’m huggin’ ?”

The Things They Say…at 7… from my only girl
A hot topic of discussion lately has been the reality that our babies are not in the right position for delivery. This means Mommy might have to have a surgery. Children are gathered round the table, eating. I am ever sitting on the brown recliner. She looks over her shoulder, long brown hair cascading down her back. “We need to talk to them! We need to tell them to get into the right position.” I laugh. Yes. This her Ama and Auntie have said, too. So, I tell her, she should talk to the babies. Later, she comes over with her little pink pig, Wilbur. She whispers to Baby A- with Wilbur doing the “motions”, “Flip, go head down. Flip. Get in the right position.” She is shy and gentle.

The pregnancy turned challenging for me- especially the last two months. This has made it hard to enjoy the moments… just surviving pain and exhaustion- is how it has felt… hard to be in the joyous, alive, thankful moment.