This year, this celebration was very low key. I was very sick with heartburn and nausea that day and also exhaustion. I didn’t even manage to call my own dad, I felt so bad. 😦 This definitely hindered the day for me. Thank the Lord for a husband who a.) takes it all in stride b.) enjoys cooking c.) enjoyed spending his day creating a fabulous meal.

Our family began the day with our tradition of decorating a door with home-made signs for his birthday and Father’s Day. Plus breakfast- which I cannot remember now what we even had!!! Then we were off to Church- with even me attending, and this was part of my gift to him, as I have had so much trouble sitting through church in the last two months. I went for him. He is a wonderful Dad and a wonderful husband and we love and honor him.

I managed to make the cake of his request: banana with strawberry icing and the salad.

Todd made the most amazing dinner. I made a plate and enjoyed it the next day- I was so sick with these babies up in my ribs/stomach. Actually- had to split on plate over two days… but I digress…

His meal was: beef enchiladas topped with soy sour cream and homemade sauce, spanish rice, and green leaf salad. We are in love with the spanish rice. A new favorite… everything was made from scratch except the tortillas. We are all still talking about that dinner.

The sweetest part of the day- was the pile of “presents” made by our girl for her Dad. He actually didn’t open them on the day… but- O how precious. How precious are the hearts of children- how they are so naturally “for” their parents from the very beginning. How tender and deserving of stewardship is the gift of their love and admiration. A girl’s love for her Dad… it truly is a precious thing. Our girl is quiet and like a deep well with a still surface. It is hard to know what is going on in the depths of her heart- when the curtain parts- and I am given a glimpse- I am humbled and taken by surprise. Sweet girl, we love you.

The dinner plate

The cake. I ran out of the red gel- thus the abbreviation b-day. Yes, my beloved commented on this. 3 and 6 candles for 36 with one to grow...

Ever thankful for Todd who serves our family with his whole heart. Happy Birthday to the one I love forever. Happy Father’s Day, sweet. We love you.