Somehow, I have made it through 5 Borger birthdays in the third trimester with our twins.

We just celebrated the last birthday before our twins come. Todd and I have now entered the stage of kids “in the double digits.” Tall Son turned 11 this year and Tenderheart- just turned 10. There is a definite sense of a “new season” around the corner in our house. Somehow- having two ten and up hit home.

Our latest birthday- was our son Nate. His birthday actually began the day before- when he and I enjoyed a quick trip to the library to pick the movie for our movie night Saturday night. I enjoy these little individual trips with the birthday children. He also enjoyed a quick trip out to the store with Dad to collect some last minute groceries for his birthday meal. In our family, the birthday person picks the dinner menu, the family fun night movie, and the cake flavors for their special day.

The birthday morning began with our tradition of decorative signs made just for him. Then, he was “sung” up the stairs by the kids and me to a delicious breakfast made by Dad and the choice of one gift to open at the start of his day.

It has been fun to watch the kids “grow” into their birthday meals. They move from requesting chicken nuggets to more sophisticated dinners. In the past year(these are abbreviated menus without all the sides, etc) we had the three year old ask for cake and nothing but cake. 😉 (of course we had other food…), the five year old requested chicken nuggets and french fries, the seven year old- beans. The girl LOVES beans. 🙂 The eight year old: hot dogs and soft-pretzels, The eleven year old- Boston Butt Pork Roast.

Nate’s birthday is always fun because it is July 3rd- our “fourth of July” baby… we always have fun summer-time food like corn on the cob and watermelon.

His menu choice at ten years old…
Wedged Potatoes
Corn on the Cob

Nathanael, age 10, with his birthday meal plate.

This meal was made in partnership by Todd and myself. We each did a part to get this on the table. 🙂

After dinner, the birthday child enjoys opening gifts. Then we go to the table and sing and eat delicious cake. For a couple of years, every cake has “blue and green” icing on it. They love blue and green icing. 🙂

Nate's Cake. Please excuse our mess... this always makes me hesitant to post pictures- the lack of aesthetics in our life!

The sweetest part of this birthday was this son’s heartfelt gratitude the next day. From his heart, telling us how much he loved his birthday and his gifts and thanking us from his heart.

Dear Nate, we love you and you are a gift from God- just as your name means.