This weekend I completed one of the projects on my list before the babies come.

Scripture Plaques for Baby Twins

Before the arrival of our first-born son, I found myself gripped by a rare “crafting” and artistic urge. 🙂 I painted a small piece of furniture, put a border up in his nursery, and created two special Scripture plaques for his wall. One was a Psalm 139 piece and the other was created individually for him with a special Scripture. I have continued the tradition of creating a piece of special wooden wall art with Scripture for each child we have been given since. We have finally settled the great name tumult ( I hope and pray) and I was able to choose Scriptures and then to work on this project. All that is left is for the “hangar” to be nailed onto the back and then they can be hung. We still haven’t hung all the other children’s and they are eagerly waiting to have their own in their rooms. Todd is going to nail the hangar for me as, traditionally, I have had much trouble with this part. I think these two are my best. I have improved over the years. 😉

Babies’ Scripture Art