Twins Update

I have enjoyed reading others’ blogs with twin info and I am sure I will enjoy rereading this in the future and for posterity- so I hereby commit to give a twin update.

(note- my first attempt at writing this was too full of discomfort- I edited!)

Our baby girls are doing well in the womb. I have a 34 week scan in a few days and am looking forward to seeing their growth and position. I am thankful to still be doing well- no bedrest. Just uncomfortable.

I am held captive by pain and discomfort. This is true. It helps to do small things, small tiny things, that feel normal and take my mind of myself and how immobile I feel.

My feet have taken on a new appearance all their own- never before seen.
It has been a season of all new physical sensations. In truth, pain and discomfort.

Little worries are stealing in and hovering.
Like the foxes in the vineyard…

I can barely stand to sit on this chair so I will close at this time.
Currently around 33 weeks 4 days/ 34 weeks.
Taking it one day at a time…