There and Back Again or A Return To Blogging

I am back- I hope. Determined to blog a little at a time and not overwhelm myself with too many details.

Spun dust gold of days gone past

-little hands full of bouquet after bouquet of wildflowers for me
-my love who brings me wild daisies and we pair them with our crimson roses and they float in clear glass on a deep, darkling wood table
-sweet friends who care and celebrate pink, pink, pink with me. Pink?
-I wander into a local furniture store, hoping for a sale, land one, and land myself in a chocolate brown recliner. Bliss. Pure twin bliss. Who knew a chair could feel so good? Now I do.
-bouquet of mother’s day tulips in purple- surprised me by my love
-A slightly outraged five year old: up with the dawn, held captive by hummingbird after hummingbird finding our feeder, territorial flyers, battling each other. Little brother wakes up and shouts hello at him. Disregards his urgent whisper for quiet- and all the hummingbirds fly away. How he loved to watch, how he disapproved loud brother. Precious.
-lizards held captive in a giant blue bucket, one at time, on different days, they catch, they identify, it is the great chase. Some with blue bellies, some with stripes, and who can forget their very own lizard type that they have named “dirty face” because their little muzzles are always covered in mud.
-birthday celebrations
-an outgoing three year old fitted for eye glasses. He chats and grins and smiles with everyone.
-the month of May, almost ended, stressful month, happy I am to bid you adieu.
-my hair as long and thick and curly as long ago. And I remember a date long, long ago in the summer at a WaWa where we sat together on a stone wall… then stood, and my hair hung down, down, all the way down my back in one long brown curtain. It is that long again. The memories. The newness of that first summer and here we are 13 summers later. Held still in the goodness of grace and love.
-Heart of Dakota home school curriculum and how they all thrive.
-generosity of friends and family- too many to list all, three stacks of Pampers diapers lined up against our great room doors, car seats, and blankets, and gift cards, and bitty pink clothes
-darkling table with twelve, yes, TWELVE chairs.
-Grace in every way, every day. I need to open tight clenched fists and cup grace.

Isaiah 26:3 (Amplified Bible)
3You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.