Endless Gifts

Endless Gifts

An offering

Scrambled eggs for lunch
-cusp of April- very last day of March, and April brings: an anniversary, Tall Son’s birthday, dogwoods blooming, and
the very last day of tax season: finally.
Protein and how it helps me: yogurt, cheese, eggs… I can eat these without fear- but still cautious.
Skype- it worked… it worked twice!
-Mountain Photos- finally framed and up on the wall.
-Rolling mountain thunder booms (this was the 3/31 storm NOT the 4/4 storm- which was truly frightening…) and there was a Scripture I had but forgot to write down… and it eludes me know… it eludes.
-kettle cooked popcorn. How they love… and a little boy who associates popcorn with pizza night and so asks again and again for pizza … And the big kids- not little one who isn’t allowed popcorn yet- ate every last bit. All of it. Such a great snack.
-Beginning K work with Jonah, and Abi joins in… and so sweet how they anticipate the days of creation, with true wonder: what will happen next? And a far away precious memory rises up of tall son at 4 1/2 doing this very same school… and bringing a tiny toy horse to the table… so it could “find out” when it was made. And how he anticipated each day with precious eagerness… and now these two… they anticipate the same. How sweet their precious wonder…
-sweet friend who will care for our kids so I can attend my first end of tax season banquet… the first one in five years. We are blessed. We were ready to give up on me being able to go…
-the reminder that the push to continue the normal tasks in spite of all fatigue is worth it. Worth it.
-bond of commitment and love that encircles us like a golden cord. Together- we face the buffering of small trials, held together. It is a gift.

Endless Gifts.

1 thought on “Endless Gifts

  1. SO great to see you at the party! And praise Jesus for daddies being home more often! 🙂 We have a VERY exciting change coming up too… that will result in daddy being home a LOT more often… thank you Lord!

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